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Eco Farmer certified by Tochigi Prefecture 4.5 ha orchard.We are particular about the soil.We are confident about our soil that we developed over 3 generations since my grandfather’s generation. As we are particular about our soil, we try to minimize the use of chemical fertilizers and instead use fully fermented compost and AU bacteria (effective microorganisms) and so on. In addition, we value the trust and relationship we share with our customers. Naturally, we are dedicated towards reducing the use of pesticide to assure that "Safety and reliability is a guarantee".
We are Eco Farmers certified by Tochigi prefecture.

Variety Characteristic Season Size Price (excluding tax)

House Kosui
(green-house grown)

Crunchiness No.1!!! Sweet and tasty. Early Jul.~ 5kg Price varies
10kg Price varies

(outdoor grown)

It grows relatively stronger than the green-house grown Kosui, so the taste is also stronger! Mid Aug.~ 5kg 2,500yen
10kg 5,000yen

(outdoor grown)

Extremely juicy, slightly sour but succulent. Mid Sep. ~ 5kg 2,500yen
10kg 5,000yen

(outdoor grown)

  It is similar to Kosui and its shape resembles the La France pear. Mid Sep. ~ 5kg 2,200yen
10kg 4,500yen

(outdoor grown)

  It is similar to Kosui and has a very sweet and elegant taste. (cannot be stored for long durations)   Early Oct. 5kg 2,500yen
10kg 5,000yen
It is a locally bred pear in Tochigi prefecture. It can be stored until the New Year. No.1 in size! Excellent sweetness! Best seller! Great idea as gifts! Late Oct.~ 5kg(6 · 7 pears) 3,000yen
10kg(12・14 pears) 6,000yen

Gifts from the orchards

Processed goods

Pear juice (1 liter) Housui 100%
Omotenashi Tea (Hospitali-tea, pear-flavored tea)
Dried fruits

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Picture book "The Pear Story"

Written by Miki Yamaguchi
The story of how tasty pears grow, now in a picture book!