Pear of Tochigi "Nikkori (Smile)"

Size brings surprise
Taste brings smiles!

There are several reasons why pears of Tochigi are so delicious: "a lot of sunshine", "fertile soil", "clear water". A thoroughbred - it inherits its taste from its father while its size is from its mother. The father is the tasty "Housui", and the mother is the plump "Niitaka". Born in the Agricultural Experiment Station in Tochigi Prefecture in 1986, it was named "Nikkori", after joining the famous sightseeing spot in Tochigi Prefecture “Nikko” with "Ri" from the Chinese word for pears. Harvest time of "Nikkori” is from mid-October. Of course, enjoying the fresh harvest is best, but if stored in a cool dark place it can also be served until January. Enjoy our Tochigi Nikkori which is confident in its rich taste and size. It is also a popular gift item.

Omotenashi Tea (Hospitali-tea, pear-flavored tea)

Authentic red tea flavored with 1kg of first class Japanese pear "Nikkori".

It has an aromatic, gentle taste.
How about choosing this for a welcoming drink? A mark of hospitali-tea!

Commitment to tea

The extraordinary combination of Japanese pear and red tea is aimed not only towards notability but also pursues good taste. This is achieved by choosing luxurious tea leaves (such as organic Sri Lankan tea leaves) and taking advantage of the characteristics of pears.
Mr. Nemoto, the owner of Y's Tea, has carefully hand blended the finished product.
The fruity flavor lasts long, gently.

How to store

Pears are perishable.
Please unpack immediately and keep in a cool place.

If stored in a cool and dark place, they can last about a month.
To enjoy the best taste of pears when storing in a cool dark place, place in a refrigerator several hours before you eat.

If it is stored in a refrigerator (vegetable compartment), it is possible to preserve it for about 1~2 months.
When storing in a refrigerator (vegetable compartment), it is good to wrap pears with newspaper etc. to prevent drying.